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UPVA is conditional. All students enrolled in this program are required to agree to the following conditions of enrollment. Failure to comply with this agreement may result in being dropped from the program.

do hereby agree to accept the terms and consequences set forth in this agreement. The terms are as follows:

Attendance and Commitment

  • I agree to be actively learning, as determined by the software pacing guides, in my online classes for a minimum of 25 hours per week.
  • I agree to have 2-way communication with my mentor teacher on a weekly basis.
  • I agree to adhere to the course schedules, and understand that drops will be allowed as outlined by the online provider and the district.

Parent/Guardian Commitment

  • As a parent/guardian, I agree to monitor and support my child in his/her studies, agree to be accessible to the mentor to discuss my child’s progress, and promote good attendance and time management for my child.

Acceptable Use Policy

  • I agree to participate in program activities in a positive manner and follow rules, including the student handbook and AUP, as set forth by program staff.
  • I understand that anything I do in the course(s) can be retrieved and monitored by the teacher/mentor/director at any time.


  • If full-time online, I agree to take grade appropriate state assessments as required. Arrangements will be made with my mentor to have a proctor for these tests/exams.


  • I acknowledge that I have been offered a computer and Internet access and/or already have ready access to a computer and Internet access.

Course Costs

  • UPVA will bear the cost of the online course while I am enrolled. Failure to meet the guidelines in this agreement will result in reimbursement to UPVA for the costs incurred.


  • All final scores provided by the instructor will be converted to a letter grade as per the school of choice handbook and will be listed on my transcript. If I am a full-time student, the grade from my courses will be included in my cumulative grade point average (GPA).


  • I understand that cheating is considered a serious academic offense, and agree to abide by the following rules:
    • Examples of cheating include, but are not limited to:
      • Unauthorized sharing of test answers.
      • Unauthorized sharing of class assignments or homework.
      • Plagiarism.
        • For the purpose of this offense, plagiarism is defined as: the unauthorized representation of another’s work as one’s own. In addition, any unethical practice which compromises the integrity or teacher’s intent of an assignment, test or quiz such as (but not limited to) the use of unauthorized resources (calculator, teacher materials, textbooks, another learner’s work, etc.) shall be deemed to be cheating or plagiarism.
      • Disciplinary action for cheating/plagiarism is as follows:
        • First offense – Loss of grade for assignment, parent and administration informed.
        • Second offense – Loss of grade for assignment, suspension from class until a conference is held with parent and administration, and possible failure of course.
        • Third offense – Automatic failure/loss of credit for course. Learner/Parents to cover cost of the course.
      • The administration reserves the right to treat subsequent offenses in separate school years at the second and/or third offense levels.

Agreement Violation Consequences

  • 1st offense: Verbal warning. Parents and administration notified.
  • 2nd offense: Written warning. Parents and administration notified. Possible removal from program.
  • 3rd offense: Removal from program.

Acknowledgment and Understanding

I have read and understand the expectations in this agreement.
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