FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

When is enrollment open for 2nd semester of the 2017-18 school year?

Students must enroll in the UPVA before January 31, 2017.

When do classes start for the 2nd semester of the 2017-18 school year?

Classes for the upcoming semester begin January 22, 2018. This could be flexible upon parent and student situation.

What is the cost of the program?

There is no charge to enroll in the Upper Peninsula Virtual Academy.

Is the Upper Peninsula Virtual Academy accredited?

Yes, UPVA is accredited through the Michigan Department of Education.

If I complete the required credits for graduation, will I receive a fully endorsed Michigan Merit Curriculum Diploma?

Yes, students receive a fully endorsed Michigan Merit Curriculum Diploma so long as they take the required MME exam and complete the graduation credit track.

What is the number of credits needed for graduation?

Students must meet the Gladstone or Calumet Schools credit requirements in order to receive a UPVA high school diploma. For more information on these requirements, call or email Matthew Vertin, UPVA Director, at (906) 337-0311 ext. 2225 or mvertin@clkschools.org.

Do I have to take the standardized state tests?

Yes, the state requires full-time students in applicable grade levels to take standardized state tests.

Where will students take the standardized state tests?

UPVA will develop testing sites in the Upper Peninsula based on the location of our enrolled students.

Does UPVA accept courses earned through other schools in Michigan and out-of-state schools?

Yes, if you earned it, we accept it! Transferred credit will fully apply toward your Individualized Learning Plan.

Can I finish my classes earlier than scheduled?

Yes, you can move ahead as quickly as you like and even graduate early.

Is there a minimum amount of time I'm required to be online for the program?

We encourage our students to work actively online for 4/5 hours per week per class. This is equivalent to taking classes on-campus.

How is attendance hours treated and are vacation days allowed to be taken any time a family chooses?

Attendance hours are not a concern, but steady progress through the coursework is key. We understand that not everybody operates on the same weekly schedule, and understand that vacation opportunities come up at various times. We have purposefully built in the flexibility necessary to meet the needs of non-traditional attendance patterns and will address any issues with communication. However, to comply with state law, it is necessary for students to have weekly two-way communication with the mentor and that communication must be educational in nature.

If I have trouble in a subject area, is there help available?

Yes, each student has a certified teacher acting as a mentor teacher and a certified content teacher to ask questions. The teachers can be reached by phone, email, live chat, and Skype.

Can UPVA prevent cheating?

All students must adhere to the UPVA student handbook which strictly prohibits all forms of cheating and plagiarism. Parental involvement with students’ academic progress helps to keep students focused on completing courses without the detrimental effects of cheating and plagiarism.

Are there textbooks that go along with the curriculum?

All classes are done online, however there could be some courses that involve textbooks. UPVA would supply the textbook and the student must return the book after completing the course. If a student does not return the textbook, they would be liable for the cost of the book.

Can I use my own computer?

Yes, your courses can be accessed from any computer that is on the Internet.