UPVA Elementary K-5

K-2 Little Lincoln

What is Little Lincoln?

Little Lincoln is an interactive, standards-based curriculum that combines rich multimedia with comprehensive hands-on activities. The Little Lincoln courses encourage excitement and creativity in the areas of math, science, reading, writing, social studies, wellness, and visual arts. Students experience a dynamic, stimulating virtual classroom through the use of teacher videos, audio stories, animated characters and interactive games. They also get hands-on interaction through science experiments, art projects, activities books, and storybooks about the fictional world of Midlandia.

What kind of materials will be provided?

At the beginning of each year, a supply kit that contains materials for art projects, science experiments, and other hands-on activities will be shipped to you. A seasonal box each quarter that contains the necessary printed materials for that season’s lessons will follow.

Can my child work ahead?

Little Lincoln allows each student to work at a pace that is best suited to his or her needs. If your student learns at a faster pace, he or she can complete multiple lessons in one day. If your student needs to spend more time on a certain objective, he or she can focus on the provided reteaching and extra practice activities. The curriculum is designed to help every student succeed.

How can I help my child?

You will receive a Guide with each supply kit to help you provide your child with structure, assistance, and support. You will receive the Guide Book for each season with detailed explanations on how to help your child complete his or her work. It also contains optional reteaching and extra practice activities. Additionally, the Guide has login information to an independent area of the Little Lincoln website, where it can monitor your child’s progress, access helpful documents, and correspond with other Guides.

Grades 3-5

3rd Grade

  • Language Arts 300
  • Math 300
  • Science 300
  • Social Studies 300
  • Spelling 300
  • Physical Education/Health

4th Grade

  • Language Arts 400
  • Math 400
  • Science 400
  • Social Studies 400
  • Spelling 400
  • Physical Education/Health

5th Grade

  • Language Arts 500
  • Math 500
  • Science 500
  • Social Studies 500
  • Spelling 500
  • Physical Education/Health

What help is available when I have questions?

Your child will have a mentor teacher available to answer questions you or your child may have regarding content, materials, access, etc.